The Other Plan For Your Life

Mike Focht 1/19/2024

There is another plan for your life. It has been told to us many times and should continue to be said that God has a plan for our lives. The Bible is clear that God has plans of peace for us. God has works for us to walk in. God has an expected end for each of His sons and daughters. 

   All these truths are healthy and comforting; each should have its proper place in our hearts. I am not trying to diminish those dear truths. That said, there is another truth that the Bible teaches that also needs to be made clear.

   Satan has a plan for your life. 

   It is very easy to forget that we have an enemy in this world. A powerful and otherworldly being that hates us and designs only to steal, kill, and destroy. We rarely emphasize that Satan and the inimical hosts under his authority have intentions for each of us—even those who don’t believe in him! Now, what I just said is certainly not a popular message, but it is a message that needs to be said.

   Satan is a living, intelligent being. The Bible declares that Satan has thoughts, strategies, and intentions for the sons of men. Satan and his host of dark spirits are ever watching us, scheming, plotting, and surmising with all their twisted powers. They don’t know everything, and thankfully, they are spoiled regularly by the Spirit of God, but even after their defeats, they regroup and plan new avenues of attack. 

   With alien intelligence, fallen angels and demons incessantly invent schemes, strategies, temptations, and traps that work toward various evil days in our lives. They are patient—they have lived long years before us and will live long years after us. Their ends are not simple but destructive, defiling, and damaging. Satan wants to bring us to hell or through hell so that we tarnish God’s name and glory. He will do everything in his power to make that happen. He will wait years for our destruction if he must. 

   We must understand what the Bible states so clearly. The realization that a roaring lion is roaming the outskirts of our lives is healthy for us! Even so, we are to be alert but not discouraged. All of God’s sons and daughters need to remember that another part of the equation exists. We should be humbled by the fact that Satan is stronger than us. We should rejoice that God is stronger than Satan. Satan’s presence is not the end of God’s plan for our lives, only a temporary part. 

   Part of God’s plan for us in this life is to overcome the enemy through His strength! The Word of God is clear about that. All believers must hear God’s warning to remain vigilant, to be alert in prayer, to resist the devil, and to pray that the Lord would keep us from temptation and deliver us from the evil one. We are to withstand our enemy on those evil days, a panoply of God’s armor, standing so Satan cannot take advantage. 

   Paul said we should not be ignorant of Satan’s devices, but many still are! They don’t know that Satan has plans for their life! Living in this world as if Satan doesn’t share it with us is dangerous and foolish. That type of ignorance is not part of God’s plan for us. Rest assured, we may be ignorant of Satan, but he is not ignorant of us. He hates us with a burning and torturous hatred that no human could ever imagine, and as his time in this world grows ever shorter, that hellish rage for stealing, killing, and destroying will only grow ever hotter.   

   We must not walk through this life with a lazy and cavalier trust that because God has a plan for our lives, we will magically escape warfare with our enemy. The Son of Man didn’t get to walk through this life without resisting Satan’s attempts to derail God’s plan for Him. Remember, Jesus told us the servant was not greater than his master.

   Be watchful, my brothers and sisters—Satan has a plan for your life!